About Us

Fresh Media Lab was founded to help those individuals who want to help their business grow and like to do things for themselves, but they’re not sure where to get quality help and guidance.

Through our online courses, our students can gain the knowledge, guidance and support needed to create a powerful business presence online. Our content creators are professionals in their respective fields, bringing many years of experience, knowledge and insight to each course, enabling our students to benefit from real-world application.

WordPress Courses

Our WordPress Courses show you step-by-step how to properly build a website. We walk you through the planning stage, show you how to set-up WordPress properly, install your theme, and give you guidance on content strategy. We introduce you to free tools on the web to help you with your images, crop and optimize.

Our Bonuses

As you reach milestones within the course you will unlock bonuses. These bonuses teach you about SEO Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Sharing / Integration, and WordPress Maintenance.

Check out our Full WordPress Course Summary.