Why Enroll

Step-by-step WordPress Training

Lessons are designed to teach you REAL website design skills. 2 ways to learn. Which way is right for you?

If you’ve been thinking of building your own small business website then you should consider this course. We will keep you focused on the task at hand and guide you through the process, helping you make the correct decisions for your business. It’s more about the planning than the building that makes a great website. Tools are tools. Wix and Squarespace do not give you guidance on content strategies or give you feedback on your site while you’re building it.

We will guide you step-by-step. The first few weeks we work on planning and content, followed by design strategies and then we begin implementing those plans and start building your site. Visit the course summary page to see how the course is structured.

Two ways to take this course

Guided Course – We wanted to create a course that fits the way you like to learn. For those of you who know they struggle with getting things done because they live on overwhelm, we will keep you motivated each week. Each Monday the new lesson is available online for you to watch. You will be expected to do the work for that week in the next few days and supply your homework to us for review. We will respond and and give you our constructive criticism or praise.  Each week you can participate in our webinar, a great time to ask questions if you’re having difficulty with a technical issue. You will also be included in our private Facebook Group where you can interact with others working on their sites and experiencing the same struggles or not. You may be able to help someone one week and another week someone will help you. With this course option you are never alone in your efforts.

Fast Track Course – But some people are self-motivated and they have the patience needed to do things on their own. For them we offer the full course fully open on day one. This option does not include the Facebook Group, Weekly Webinar Meetings or the homework interaction. You can get your site finished in a week or a few days if you are motivated enough. This is a great solution for people who are very computer and internet saavy and don’t think they will need much help other than the step-by-step videos. You will have access to all materials in the course, videos and downloadable pdf printables.